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Once I got injured I tried to play with the KOHO one-piece stick (pictured). I practiced with it and really liked it, but I didn't feel like I knew where I was shooting the puck. Now I've gone back to wood, but I'm not ruling out going to the one-piece again because it's a good stick. It's just a matter of getting used to it a little more. With the few games left, I want to go back to something I'm used to.

This has been the first time I've used a one-piece in games. It worked really well, actually. I scored three goals in five games. But I missed a couple of shots I normally wouldn't, so that's why I went back to wood for these last six games.

It's a black KOHO Torpedo stick. It's basically the same stick, but it's wood instead of composite. I've always used that stick. I've been using KOHO for the last 12-13 years, so that's why it's tough to switch for me. I used the composite in practice and for all of my rehab (from back surgery) because it's really light, but I need more time this summer to get a feel for it.

With wood there is always a big difference with every stick. It's never the same. With the one-piece, it's basically close to perfect every time.

I switched this year to the Vector skates. They are really good… light, really stiff, almost perfect. I've always used CCM, but I wore an old model from 7 or 8 years ago that were really heavy. These are really light. They come out with good stuff every year, so if it's CCM, I'll wear it.

Shin Pads & Pants
I've worn the D&R Centurian since I was probably 12 or 13 years old. I've had different sets, but always the same model. I really feel comfortable with those on. I've worn the Jofa pants for the ten years I've been in Chicago. They changed the cover, but they're basically the same pants from my first game. So those two are really special.

I used to wear an older version CCM helmet, and I basically like it better. I think I might switch back, actually.

I've been wearing KOHO or CCM as long as I can remember. I'm used to those and I don't think I'll switch to anyone else.

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